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Noah Sturdevant

I have been a full time graphic designer for most of 2018, and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic design from Full Sail University. While I have only been a full time designer for this year, I have have been passionate about art and design for my entire life. All throughout my youth I loved drawing, sketching, and designing any type of poster, presentations, etc. I also have a background in customer support and business analytics, which allows me to better communicate with my clients and provide them with designs that best fit them, or their business. 

Growing up in the southwest, I have always been inspired by the open spaces, nature, and colors around me. The color for my designs is often inspired by the rich colors that can be seen in an Arizona sunset, and the more muted colors that are natural to the desert area. Whenever I approach a design, I always like to incorporate as many natural elements and colors as possible to make it comfortable and pleasing to the eye.  

My specialization is in Illustration, photography/photo editing, web and print design. I am also passionate about creating instructional training, logos, and any media that helps drive a set message, brand, or idea. The part of design that has always interested me the most is the problem solving; as a natural problem solver, I love the challenge of working through something to find the best solution. 

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